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Kerala Lottery Result Today – Check Live Result, Chart, List

Kerala Lottery Result Today. Check Kerala Lottery Result Live, Chart, List. Kerala Lottery Result chart 2023 And Kerala Lottery Result yesterday Check Here Sarkari Result.

Kerala Lottery Result: Kerala is one of 13 Indian states that offer their own lottery games, which are individually purchased and much less lucrative than international online lotteries.

Luckily, you are able to buy Kerala lottery tickets online by following the instructions in this guide. Kerala is one of those states in India where the residents can happily enjoy their lottery games. It was amazing two decades ago, but now we have online lotteries available almost everywhere in the world.

As a result, many lottery players in Kerala have become aware of the possibility of playing games like Powerball and are wondering how to play the online lottery in Kerala.

Kerala Lottery Result – Check Chart, List

The prizes and odds are usually much better than those found in local games, not to mention the possibility of playing from home. It is important to know what the legal framework in Kerala allows you to do, as well as which websites you can trust. All that information is found in this guide I put together to get real reviews of online lotteries in Kerala.

Kerala Lottery Result News keeps coming about the lottery played in Kerala. The rewards are also very strong in these. Some of the main lotteries played in Kerala are Stree Shakti, Karunya, Nirmal, Akshay, Pournami, and Win-Win.

In all, prizes ranging from 60 to 70 lakhs are announced. But in many states of India, you cannot play the lottery. But why is it so? What does Indian law say about this? Can there be punishment for playing the lottery online? Let us tell you in simple language.

Kerala Lottery Result 2023 – Overview

States Kerala
Department Government of Kerala
Headquarters Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
Lottery Location Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram)
Founded 1967
Name of Lottery Kerala Lottery
Lottery State Kerala State
Article Type Lottery Result
Kerala Lottery Ticket Price ₹40
Kerala Lottery Draw Date Every Day
Official Website
Lottery Result Releasing Mode Online Mode
Result Time 02 to 3 PM
Status of Result Declare Every Day

What is Lottery?

According to the Lotteries Regulation Act (1998) of the Government of India, a lottery can be called a scheme in which people participating by purchasing tickets are given a chance to win a prize together. That is, any such game is called a lottery.

  • It is necessary for many people to participate together.
  • Purchase and sale of tickets are essential.

Kerala Lottery Result chart 2023

Kerala Lottery has a very popular weekly lottery contest. Through this hundreds of winners come above the poverty line every week. Which are the lotteries organized in the week, and what are their prize money, ticket price, and first winner prize money?

kerala lottery result chart

Information about all these is given in the table below. Kerala Lottery weekly chart and Kerala lottery prize list are given below.

Fifty-Fifty Lottery Result Today – Fifty-Fifty Lottery Result

Many people want to know about the lottery in Kerala. There are many types of lotteries in Kerala and we will tell you about some of them. Kerala organizes weekly and monthly lotteries, and one of the weekly lotteries is called the 50-50 Kerala Lottery.

The draw for this lottery happens every Sunday and the winner gets the prize money. The 50-50 lottery is supervised by the Government of Kerala and the results are published every Sunday after 3:00.

Win-win – Kerala Lottery Result WW Check

Draw Day: Monday, Lottery Name: Win-Win Ticket Price (in Rs): 30 Top Prize (in Rs): 50-65 lakhs. The name of this lottery ticket is Win-Win and its draw is done every Monday. The price of the lottery ticket is 30 and the winning amount ranges from 50 to 65 lakhs.

Kerala government draws a lottery every week and every month from which this win-win Kerala lottery also comes The Government of Kerala publishes the results of all these lotteries on their official website and through the news also provides information about the lotteries to everyone.

Sthree-Sakthi Lottery Result – Kerala SS Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery Result: Lotteries are very popular in Kerala. The Kerala government gets a lot of revenue from lotteries. Every day lotteries win the fortunes of many people. Even today people got another golden chance to win lakhs. in Today Kerala Sthree Sakthi.
Sthree Shakti -Kerala Weekly Lottery
Draw Day: Tuesday Lottery Name: Sthree Shakti
Ticket Price (in Rs): 30 Top Prizes (in Rs):  50-65 Lakh The draw of the lottery is done on Tuesday and the ticket for this lottery is 30 and the price is kept from 50 to 65 lakhs.

The first winner will get a prize of 70 lakhs today. At the same time, the second winner will get a prize of 5 lacks and the third winner will get a prize of 5000. Like every time, it also includes a consolation prize of Rs 8,000. The winner has to claim this amount within 30 days.

Akshaya lottery Result – Kerala Akshaya Result Check

The Akshaya Kerala Lottery is a weekly lottery held every Wednesday. The ticket costs Rs 30, and people can win big prizes. The first prize is Rs 60 lakhs, the second prize is Rs 5 lakhs, and the third prize is Rs 1 lakh. The lucky winner with the matching ticket number will receive the top prize of Rs 60 lakhs.

Karunya Plus Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery Result: The first prize is 80 lakhs, the second prize is 10 lakhs and the third one is one lakh rupees.

The Kerala Lottery Result for Karunya Plus is a weekly lottery draw that happens every Thursday. The ticket price for this lottery is Rs 30. The top prize money for this lottery ranges from Rs 80 lakhs to 1 crore. So if you win, you could get a lot of money!

The winners who win more than five thousand rupees will have to deposit their tickets in the bank or government lottery office. On the other hand, people who win less than Rs 5,000 can collect their amount from any lottery shop in Kerala.

Some people will get prizes for taking part in a competition. The top prize is Rs 50,000, but if you don’t win that, you can still get a smaller prize. The person who comes in second will get Rs 25,000 and the person who comes in third will get Rs 10,000. Even if you don’t come in the top three, there are still some prizes you can win. The person who comes in fourth will get Rs 5,000, the person who comes in fifth will get Rs 1,000, the person who comes in sixth will get Rs 500, and the person who comes in seventh will get Rs 100.

Kerala Nirmal Lottery Result

The purpose of starting the lottery program was to provide employment to people and supplement government finance. This model became popular and other states in India also get inspired by this model and started their own lotteries.

The Nirmal Weekly Lottery is a type of lottery that happens every Friday. To participate in this lottery, you need to buy a ticket which costs Rs 30. If you’re lucky enough to win, you could get a top prize of Rs 50-65 lakhs. Just remember to check the winning numbers in the Kerala Government Gazette and turn in your winning ticket within 30 days.

Kerala Karunya Lottery Result

The Karunya Lottery is a famous lottery in Kerala that happens every week on Saturdays. You can win big prizes if you have a ticket. The lottery is run by the government of Kerala and is one of many lotteries they organize. The results are announced on the same day at 3 PM IST. Kerala is the first state in India to allow lotteries.

Karunya Lottery is a much-awaited event in Kerala, as it offers a chance for people to win big prizes by simply buying a ticket. The ticket price for the Karunya Lottery is Rs. 40, and the first prize is worth Rs. 80 lakhs. The second prize is worth Rs. 5 lakh, and the third prize is worth Rs. 1 lakh. There are also several other prizes, including a consolation prize of Rs. 8,000.

The Karunya Lottery is a source of income for many people in Kerala, as the sale of lottery tickets is a significant revenue generator for the state government. The money is generate from the sale of lottery tickets is used for various welfare programs, such as education, health care, and infrastructure development.

You can check this Kerala Lottery Result by the link given below:

Kerala Lottery Result Karunya Today

Karunya Plus Lottery Result

The Kerala Lottery Result for the Karunya Lottery is announced every Saturday. The cost of a ticket for this lottery is 30 Rupees. The highest prize you can win from this lottery is between 80 Lakhs to 1 Crore Rupees. The lucky draw for this lottery happens on Saturdays.

Kerala Lottery Result Karunya Plus

Bhagyamitra Lottery Result – Kerala Weekly Lottery

On Sundays, there is a lottery in Kerala (Bhagyamitra). It costs Rs 100 to buy a ticket, and if you win the top prize, you get Rs 1 crore.

Documents Required to Claim Kerala Lottery Winning Amount

The candidate must have a self-attested photocopy of both sides of the Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery Draw Ticket and the claim application form.
  • Self-attested photocopy of the PAN card of the lottery winner.
  • 2 passport-size photographs of the winner duly attested by a gazetted officer or notary.
  • To get the prize money, you need to fill out a form and attach a piece of paper with a stamp that costs Re 1. This paper should be the type that the rules require.
  • Self-Attested ID Proof like Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID Card, Pan Card, Ration Card, etc.

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