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Bhutan Teer Result 14/9/2023 Today – Live Result & Counter Result

Bhutan Teer Result Today: Find out about Bhutan Teer Result, including the rules and how to check the latest results. Stay updated with the daily Teer results and learn about this popular archery-based game in Bhutan. Click here to see the Bhutan Lottery Result.

In this article, we will tell you all about Bhutan Teer. If you are reading this, you probably know what Teer Result is. But just in case, we are providing you with Bhutan Teer Result Today for information. It includes Bhutan Teer Number, List, Morning Result, and Bhutan Teer Night Result, etc.

By going through this information, you can easily take part in this game and check the live results daily on this webpage. We update the latest results here, and we also provide the Bhutan Teer Khela Result and Bhutan Teer Dream Number, which are crucial for the Participants of Bhutan Teer.

Bhutan Teer ResultBhutan Teer Result 14/09/2023 Today – Counter Result

Authority Bhutan Teer Department
Result Time F/R(04:10) And S/R(5:00)
Result Status Release Daily
1st Price 1000000 Rs/-
Article Category Lottery Result
Location Bhutan
Official website

Bhutan Teer Result

About Bhutan Teer Association

The Bhutan Teer Association is responsible for organizing and managing the Bhutan Archery game. It updates the results daily, which are announced twice a day in the first and second rounds.

This game, also known as Bhutan Teer Lottery, is played on a large scale in about 4 to 5 states. It is considered a traditional game in Bhutan, and millions of people play it every day to win prizes.

Bhutan Teer is a number-guessing and luck-based game that Many People Play in the surrounding areas of Bhutan. Even the best archers win significant prizes based on their performance. If you want to participate in this game, you can try your luck with number guessing.

Bhutan Teer Common Number Today – Check Old & Night Result

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Bhutan Morning Teer Result Today

Check the latest Teer Result today! See the winning numbers and learn about the significance of each round. Stay informed about the outcomes of this traditional game and explore historical data. Get ready for the excitement and learn more about Bhutan Teer Result now.

Teer Morning Result is provided in the table below. You can check Today’s Latest Morning Result, which is updated every day on time. Make sure to keep visiting this article and bookmark this webpage for future reference.

First Round10:40
Second Round 11:30

14 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
13 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
79 93

Bhutan Teer Morning Old Result

12 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
83 41
11 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
69 09
9 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
63 14
8 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
60 37
7 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
59 80
6 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
92 37
5 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
45 72
4 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
61 07
2 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
95 78
1 September  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
56 03
5 August  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
51 07
4 August  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
88 50
3 August  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
13 63
2 August  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
24 57
1 August  2023
1st Round 2nd Round
61 90

Bhutan Teer Previous Results

Many people search online to find out the previous results of Bhutan Teer, a number-guessing lottery game. However, they often face difficulties in obtaining the desired information. In this article, we will provide you with Bhutan Teer’s previous results, making it easier for you to check your luck through the table provided below.

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Bhutan Teer Dream Number

In Bhutan, there’s a fun game called “Teer” that combines archery and lottery. Some people like to guess numbers and play this exciting game.

But be careful! Don’t fall for scams where someone promises to give you winning numbers in exchange for money. Always stay honest and play fair.

In Teer, archers shoot arrows at a target, and players try to predict the total number of arrows that hit the target. It’s like a guessing game, and it can be a lot of fun to participate in.

Remember, winning in Teer is based on luck, so don’t be fooled by anyone who claims to have secret winning numbers. Enjoy the game for what it is and have a great time guessing the right numbers!

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Bhutan Teer list

The Bhutan Teer Result List is given below in this section. Apart from this, you can also download Bhutan Teer Previous List in PDF form by searching wherever you are.

Bhutan Teer Morning Common Number

Want to know the lucky numbers for Bhutan Teer Morning? These numbers are known as ‘common numbers’ and are derived from previous Teer Results over the last few days.

Bhutan Teer is like a fun number-guessing game or a lottery. By carefully analyzing the old results, you can increase your chances of winning big in this exciting game. Just pick the numbers that appear frequently in the past results, and you might be on your way to a win!

So, try your luck and have a great time playing Bhutan Teer Morning. Remember, the more you practice and analyze, the better your chances of winning become!”

Bhutan Teer Morning Common Number

14 September 2023 1st Round
Direct House Ending
14 September 2023 2nd Round
Direct House Ending

Bhutan Teer Night Common Number

Bhutan Teer Night Common Numbers are purely based on some calculations done using past results. Through this viewers can win huge amounts of prizes in the Bhutan Lottery by performing well in Bhutan Lottery.

14 September 2023 1st Round
Direct House Ending
14 September 2023 2nd Round
Direct House Ending

Candidates can check in the below table. Let us tell you that there is no guarantee of the accuracy of these numbers. That’s why you should not spend much money in this lottery by looking at the common numbers.

Bhutan Teer Result: Guide to Winning the Game

If you’re curious about the Bhutan Teer Result, you’ve come to the right place! This chart shows all the past outcomes, helping you understand the game better. By analyzing trends and patterns, you can gain valuable insights and plan your moves wisely. With our comprehensive chart, the secrets of Teer Result will be uncovered.

Keep Track of Bhutan Teer Result:

Find a reliable Bhutan Teer Result counter here. It shows the live count of arrows shot during the game, giving you insights into the ongoing action. You can monitor the progress and predict the final result, adding excitement to the Teer game experience. Keep an eye on the counter in real time!

Play Bhutan Teer Result Online:

Feel the thrill of Shillong Teer Result online! Participate now and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. You can play this virtual Teer game from the comfort of your home. Don’t miss out on the fun – join the online Teer community and start playing today!

Bhutan Teer Result Mobile App:

Stay connected with the game on the go by downloading the official Bhutan Teer Result app. With this app, you’ll get instant updates, check results, and access exclusive features. Experience Teer like never before with the convenience of the mobile app. Download now and embark on your Teer journey.

Bhutan Teer Common Number Facebook:

Get updates on Bhutan Teer Common Numbers, direct numbers hit numbers, houses, and endings on our Facebook page. It’s a great way to stay informed and increase your chances of winning the Bhutan Teer lottery game. Winning in this game may not be easy, but with the right information, you can certainly improve your odds.

Bhutan Lottery Khela Result:

Here, we provide the Bhutan Khela Result and the Bhutan Lottery Game Result 2022 live, along with the latest updates and the lucky number list. You can easily check the results in the table provided in this article.

About Bhutan, Teer Rijal:

This lottery is also known as the Assam State Lottery. Daily draws are conducted under this name, and it is popularly called the Bhutan Teer Khela Draw. The first prize can go up to 76 lakhs, and the result is declared daily.

How to Check Bhutan Teer Result:

To check the Bhutan Teer Result, you can find many websites and web pages. However, to make things easy for you, we update the latest and fresh daily results on this web page. This way, you can effortlessly check the Bhutan Teer Result without any hassle. You can also check the results through the link provided below.

So, stay informed, play smart, and best of luck in your Bhutan Teer journey!

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Q.1 What is Bhutan Teer Game?
Ans. Bhutan Teer Game, authorized by the state government, is a very famous archery-based game.

Q.2 What is the first prize money of Bhutan Teer game?
Ans. The first prize winning amount is up to Rs 76 lakh.

Q.3 What is the timing of the Teer Result in Bhutan?
Ans. There are two rounds of the Bhutan Teer game. The first and second rounds are announced on weekdays at 4.20 PM and 5 PM.

Q.4 Is it legal to play Bhutan Teer?
Ans. Yes, it is 100 percent legal and authorized by the state government.

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